This site was started in the late 90s after Joan Rivers constantly targeted then-popular Gillian Anderson at every chance. After looking into Ms Rivers it was discovered she was a tasteless, mean-spirited, and dim-witted individual. We put some information on this site backing this up. We had not updated since 1999 when Joan finally backed off her tireless attacks on Gillian Anderson. But Joan Rivers continued to be very mean in her "comedy", even calling a 6 month old baby ugly and making a gas chamber joke when talking about model Heidi Klum (just a couple examples).

So long, Joan. Ironically, what was a simple procedure to her face led to cardiac arrest and Joan Rivers died on 9/4/14. There's a joke in there somewhere, but since Joan Rivers has died that joke will probably never be made. She was the only one who would've stooped to that level.
Joan Rivers Dead
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