Bright As Alaska In December 

Besides being a bitter hag, Joan Rivers is, well, to put it mildly, a complete moron. Time and time again, Joan Rivers has made a total fool of herself on television for all of us to see and laugh at. I've made a brief list of a few of Joan's "finest" idiot moments. Of course, if I wanted to list them all I could, but I don't think any of us is interested in being here all night. So, without further adew, here's some evidence to back up the widely believed theory that Joan Rivers is a QUACK!

Anthony Hopkins

  At the 1995 Academy Awards ceremony, Dumb!Joan also made a horrible impression. First of all, she observed a woman walking with Anthony Hopkins whom Joan said looked like "a very thin Barbara Bush." Later, Joan asked Hopkins if the woman was his wife. "No, " he answered flatly. "It's my mother." DUH Joan!  
Elizabeth Hurley/Tyra Banks 

Joan Rivers had no idea who either of these famous models were during her separate encounters with them. Nor did she recognize Gabriel Byrne when he was standing next to Ellen Barkin before an awards ceremony. Get with it!! DUH Joan!

Ben Kingsley

  This comment explains itself. "LOOK! Here comes F. Murray Abraham! What? It's Ben Kingsely? It looks exactly like F. Murray Abraham! DUH Joan!  
Robert Duvall 

Robert Duvall, a five-time Oscar nominee and one-time winner, was asked by Joan if he had ever been nominated before. DUH Joan!

Joan Cusack

  Nine months after Joan Cusack gave birth to her child, Joan Rivers commented, " look wonderful. How long were you in labor?" Again, this was close to a year after Joan Cusack gave birth. DUH Joan!  
Djimon Hounsou  

Dumb!Joan made many mistakes at this year's Academy Awards ceremony. She asked Djimon Hounsou of Amistad if he had written his acceptance speech for the Best Movie Actor award. Djimon Hounsou wasn't even nominated for an Oscar. DUH Joan!

Sigourney Weaver

  When she was interviewing actress Sigourney Weaver, Dumb!Joan referred to her as an "Oscar winner" and asked "What are you nominated for?" Sigourney Weaver has never won an Oscar, and she was not nominated for one in 1998.  
Fondas Part One 

On the same night Joan managed to make an idiot out of herself yet again. She was with Peter Fonda, his wife, and his daughter, Bridget. Joan commented on how much Bridget and "her mother" look alike. The three just stood there staring at the incompetent old hag; turns out Peter's wife is not Bridget's mother, she is her stepmother. DUH Joan!

Fondas Part Two

  At the Golden Globe Awards this past January, Joan asked Peter Fonda if either of his children were in show business. The poor guy. The look on his face was a mixture of shock and pity and he couldn't get away from her fast enough. (Thanks Flux)  
Jerry O'Connell 

During this year's Emmy pre-show, EvilJoan was interviewing Sarah Michelle Gellar, and when she was done she turned to Jerry O'Connell (Sliders, Joe's Apartment, etc) and said, "And you are...?" Geez, c'cmon Joan! (Thanks Claire)

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