The Beginning 

Joan Rivers' vendetta against Gillian can be traced back to the 1996 E! Emmy Awards Pre-Show when Joan Rivers had a quick interview with Gillian, which began with Ms. Rivers addressing Gillian, a nominee for the Best Actress in a Television Drama award, by an incorrect name. Those of us who are aware of Ms. Rivers knack for not knowing the facts and making a fool of herself during these E! Shows were not surprised that she made yet another mistake. Gillian seemed to take this mistake in stride, and then she was joined by co-star David Duchovny in the interview. Once again, Joan Rivers erred by saying the X-Files was only in it's second year of production when in fact the show had already completed three seasons. At this second mistake, Gillian (with a smile on her face) snapped her fingers and said, "Joan, Joan, come on!" as Duchovny corrected the dim-witted host. The interview ended shortly afterwards, but little did anyone know what impact it would have on Joan Rivers' ego, though nobody is surprised how low the spiteful, arrogant witch will steep in her pathetic attempt to embarrass Gillian Anderson, a multi-award winning actress with proven talent....

Joan's Revenge

  After the incident at the 1996 E! Emmy Awards Pre-Show, Joan Rivers and her equally delightful spawn, Mule-issa, hosted the E! Fashion Review show. Throughout the broadcast, they spoke of how much of a bitch Gillian Anderson is, and when they finally got to judging her appearance (as if they have any room to talk), they dissed her hair. Later,, Joan Rivers appeared on a talk show, and when asked what the worst part of the Emmys were, replied, "Gillian Anderson. What a bitch!" Joan Rivers wouldn't know a bitch if one was standing right in front of her (the evidence to that is she looks in the mirror every day and is still clueless.) Soon after, on an AOL chat, someone questioned why Joan Rivers disses Gillian so often, to which Joan replied, "Because she was being very snotty and bitchy" and that "she shouldn't be so stuck up because stardom can be fleeting". Joan Rivers should know, considering she isn't very well-admired herself. Just because she's annoying and obnoxious and a has-been, it doesn't mean she's got any idea what success is or how to predict who won't last as a "star".  
Out of Nowhere  

Joan Rivers' apparently-groundless hatred for Gillian Anderson reared it's ugly head (pardon the pun) once again before and after the 1997 Golden Globes ceremony (in which, incidently, Gillian was awarded with the Best Actress in a Television Drama honor). During the televised E! Pre-Show, when Gillian got there Joan Rivers commented, "Frost warning! Gillian Anderson has just arrived!" and went on to ramble about how she knew Gillian "when she was Gilligan". Later, during the subsequent E! Fashion Review, many unnecessary remarks against Gillian were made. First of all, Joan blasted Gillian Anderson by saying her dress was a "dazzling display of talent and grit and Gillian Anderson's breasts". She then recited a lovely poem for Gillian that went like this, "You should live by your wits but Gillian you should cover your ____." If this wasn't enough, when Mule-issa began talking about Fran Drescher's attempt at getting back together with her estranged husband, Joan remarked, "Something you can't say about Gillian Anderson's breasts." Later came more. "I want to explain to you about Gillian Anderson, " Joan Rivers said. "She claims she looks like that because aliens flattened her breasts, stole her real dress and made off with whatever charisma she had. Looks like two pigs in a blanket on a third pig. Terrible. Look at her ass." But this wasn't all... Joan Rivers' final insult to Gillian went like this: "You know, I pitched an episode of the X-Files once. In it, Gillian Anderson would play a nice person with lots and lots of friends. The producer, of course, said "Are you crazy? No one's gonna believe that!" and he kicked me right out!"

Could It Be...SATAN?

  As if Joan Rivers hadn't already proven herself a lousy judge of character and a complete jealous, bitter hag already, she continued harping on Gillian Anderson at pretty much an chance she could get. During one of her "specials", Joan and Mule-issa Rivers displayed little puppets and hissed, "Gillian Anderson, bad! Bad! Bad!" in another humorless display of their unexplainable animosity towards Gillian. Later, Joan had a monitor with David Duchovny's picture on it and she attempted to draw him thumbing his nose, saying, "This is for Gillian Anderson."  
The Neverending Babbling  

Joan Rivers will take any opportunity to dump on Gillian Anderson, as shown earlier this year when Ms. Rivers appeared on QVC. The show's host mentioned something about the X-Files and Joan completely went off on her, mumbling over and over about how mean Gillian Anderson is. The host looked quite bewildered at Ms. Rivers erratic behavior, as would any rational person.

Joan: Motor Mouth

  Shorty before the 1997 Emmy Ceremony, Joan Rivers was interviewed and had this to say about Gillian: "The perennial grouch. Not only that, she doesn't know how to dress. (At the Golden Globes Awards) she looked like a slut...Get a bra! David Duchovny is so cute and so full of fun, and then SHE comes by and says, 'Well, here I am!' She's lucky anyone notices her. Enjoy it now, you idiot!" Yet another unprovoked, thoughtless attack.  
A Mirror Would Do Wonders  

While appearing on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee for a commentary of the 1998 Academy Awards, Ms. Rivers took yet another jab at Gillian. Joan was going on about all of the couples who were there, and she named a few, like "Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, and Gillian Anderson and Gillian Anderson." First of all, Gillian Anderson wasn't even at that ceremony. And as far as Gillian's marital status goes, she might be divorced but her daughter's father lived through the experience of marriage with her and came out quite intact. 'Nuff said.

Blah Blah Blah

  When asked by a reporter to explain her vendetta against Gillian Anderson, the following was Ms. Rivers' eloquent response: "Everybody's into it! You see one happy face after another...and in comes this lucky bitch who is sullen and angry and not gracious. Crazy! And stupid! Because fame comes and goes and if you're not enjoying it, you should get out!" This is Ms. Rivers' excuse for her horrible remarks aimed at Gillian Anderson since the 1996 Emmys Awards Ceremony...  

I just found this bit of info, from way back in March. One of JR's dumb shows was on, and they were showing a clip of Gillian in public in front of a lot of camera people. Joan said, "If you look really closely, all those people are signing 'bitch' in sign language." Okey-dokey. Whatever. Joan simply recycled an insult made to HER by Marlee Matlin (story here).

Giving Idiocy A Forum

  Well on Evil!Joan's new commercial for her program on that pathetic little network that shall remain nameless, at the end of the commercial it's talking about things to do when dressing up for public events or something like that, and it goes: "and most importantly, wear deodorant!" At this time, they show a picture of Gillian at the X-Files Premiere lifting her arm to readjust her shawl, and they close-up and freeze on her arm pits. Then they cut to Joan sniffing her own armpit. Out of nowhere, a totally unprovoked attack. Why does Gillian even grant people from E! interviews when someone like Joan is allowed to do things like this and put it on that network?  
Lame Attempts At Humor  

Evil!Joan's summer fashion review special aired tonight on E!, and there were at least two notable slams against GA. One "joke" had to do with the difference between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson being that Gillian refers to children as "road kill". (Yes the same Gillian Anderson who attends Pedatric AIDS Foundation fundraisers, is given awards from groups that grant wishes to dying children, and who has a three year old child of her own). The second jab had something to do with a sequel to the movie Titanic and someone asked, "And guess who's playing the iceberg?" And Evil!Joan and her stepford co-hosts all answered, "Gillian Anderson." Oooh, Joan sure knows how to burn

Yadda Yadda Yadda

  As expected, Joan had quite a few jabs to make at Gillian during her E! Emmy "special". First of all, Joan made a very sarcastic "apology" to Gillian, Kathy Bates, and Arsenio Hall, then went on to say that she would keep the fact that they were all "anorexic, bulemic, or sleep with anything that moves" to herself from now on.

Later, she said something like, "There's Gillian Anderson beating her fans back, both of them, with her Emmy from last year!" and then went on to say how GA seemed "almost humbled" when she won the award for Best Actress last year. This last jab just goes to show how insanely jealous Joan must be of Gillian, who is a talented, award winning actress.
Joan & Kathie Lee: In Bed Together 

On the heels of her unexplainable attacks on Gillian at the 1998 Emmys, Joan Rivers appeared on Regis and Kathie Lee and quickly began insulting GA and making references to GA's breasts. Kathie Lee Gifford was pretty much encouraging Joan's attack on GA, stating something to the effect that Gillian's breasts were not "as big" as they are now when she started the show. The discussion continued until Regis Philbin finally stepped in and changed the subject.

Takes One To Know One

  Joan's most recent jab at Gillian came recently on her E! television program. Towards the end of the program, Joan said "I haven't even used the word 'bitch' yet! That's because we haven't talked about Gillian Anderson." It's sooooo obvious that Joan's motives now are purely to get attention, though I'm sure that was always her motive. Thanks to several people who notified me of Joan's latest snap at Gillian. Agent Adia, Elizabeth, Amber,, and Mari.  
Laughing At Evil Joan  

It was during the 1998 Emmys, and Joan was discussung trains on dresses. She was saying how impractical they are, "You can't walk in them, you usually end up tripping, and you sure as hell can't dance in them. I always tell people I *hate* to wear trains to award shows. Ok, so Gillian: Wear a train next year!" Later, Joan remarked, "Gillian, you're wearing a train, take a chance, take the escalator!" During the World Fashion Awards, Year in Review that Joan and Mule-issa hosted, Joan made this comment on Gillian, "Hey, there's Gillian Anderson. And she's smiling! There must be a hanger stuck in her teeth!" Thanks to Kristen and Kati.

Ding Dong The Witch Is Back

  Well, Joan has done it again! Surprise, surprise. "Tonight, I was watching her Golden Globes Fashion Review show for this year. At the very end, she ripped on Gillian. She had some stupid dog on the set, the red carpet mascot she called it. Anyhoo, while the credits started rolling, she was telling the dog, 'Look, there's Gillian Anderson, sick her! Sick her!' She was just saying that on and on, talking to the dog, and saying that's she's a bitch." Ohhhh yeah how creative. Thanks to Mary Beth for letting me know about this!  
Foot In Mouth 

Just when we thought maybe Joan had learned to put a big sock in it, she has to go and prove us right about her unending evilness. "In the April issue of 'W' Magazine they have an article on Joan Rivers (p. 168), the following quote appears: 'Rivers absolute least favorite is Gillian Anderson. 'She's is so cold, the only time you see her smile you think her relative died. It helps if they don't have a stick up their butts.' " From GAWS

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