Examples of Joan's Rudeness 

Gillian Anderson isn't the only person to be insulted by Joan Rivers in an innappropriate way. Here you'll find instances where Joan has shown was a petty, rude, and bitter person she is by just opening her big mouth. She's been cruel and insensitive at the wrong times, and shown repeatedly she doesn't know when to stop. Keep reading to see what I mean .

Elizabeth Taylor

  I still don't have the whole story down on Joan's history of attacking Liz Taylor, who at the time was battling a weight problem, but one rude thing that Joan said about Liz regarding her weigth was the she was "so fat she put mayonnaise on aspirin." If anyone knows more details on things Joan said, please let me know.  
Karen Duff  

Karen Duff, who was stricken with cancer, arrived at one awards ceremony wearing a hat because her hair had started to fall out after chemotherapy treatments. Joan Rivers completely made fun of Karen's wearing the hat. Evil!Joan later claimed she didn't know of Karen's illness. Perhaps that should've been a lesson to Joan to maybe think once before she speaks. But, you can't teach an old dog a new trick. And this is one OLD dog!!

Janeane Garofalo

  At the 1997 Emmy Ceremony, Joan bashed Janeane Garofalo's choice not to dress up to the nines. "She looks like a bag lady!" Joan squawked. "Is this girl a pig or what?" Janeane was later very honest with Rosie O'Donnell about how much the statements hurt, and Rosie had a very logical rebuttal against Joan's remarks.  
Sonny Bono/Cher  

Here is a good example of why Joan Rivers is, and should be, hated by every compassionate human being. Less than three months after Sonny Bono's death, Joan insulted Cher's attire at the Academy Awards with this statement: "Sonny Bono saw that outfit and that's why he crashed into the tree." Now, it would be one thing if that accident hadn't been fatal, but as usual Joan Rivers has stepped over the lines of taste in order to get a jab in at someone else. Why on Earth should anybody refrain from making fun of the fact that Joan's husband offed himself when Joan could say something like this about Sonny Bono?

Kathy Bates, Kate Winslett

  Over the years, Joan has shown a particular hatred for overweight people. This aspect of her personality came up at the Golden Globes earlier this year when Joan suggested that the reason the Titanic sank was that Kathy Bates was on it. Her remark caused quite an uproar, but of course Joan does not learn. During her fashion review "special" after the Oscars, Joan had this to say about Academy Award Nominee Kate Winslet: "If Kate Winslet would've just lost five pounds, Leo would've been able to fit on the raft."  
Mariah Carey 

During the fashion review "special" after the Grammy Awards, Joan said, in reference to Mariah Carey, "Slut City! She's a mall rat that got lucky." Mariah Carey is a multi-award winning singer who has had thirteen number one hits.


  Here is another lovely quote that can be attributed to our darling Evil!Joan: "She's (Madonna) so hairy, she lifted up he arm and I thought it was Tina Turner under there." Precious, isn't she?  

Well, well, well! Evil!Joan is a racist, too!! I gotta admit this doesn't surprise me one bit... But that E! would give her a live audience to express her racism to? Now that could be a problem, couldn't it? What's the story? Well, during the E! Live Emmy Pre-Show, Joan made the following comment before going to a commercial: "We're going to a commercial, so you have time to feed your dog, or wash your dog, or if you're Filipino, eat your dog." What a sick person! I wonder how much longer E!'s sponsors will tolerate paying to have their products affiliated with a racist, mean, has-been moron like Joan Rivers? (Thanks Lapuz)

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